Team Addaday

Christi Kelton

Wichita Falls , Texas |

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, Yoga, Other
Bucket List RaceThere are so many! Mayors Marathon AK, Yellowstone, Triple Threat at Hottern Hell, Freedoms WV
Post-Race DrinkWater, beet juice, Buda Juice, Nuuns, coffee is a must after a 5AM run/yoga/walk
Off-Day ActivityWhat’s an off day?! LOL Night before off day = Happy Hour

Hi, there! I’m Christi Kelton. I am a proud member of the mob (mother of boys). I gave 2 high school boys who are my greatest accomplishments. They are kind and kind of goofy too!
I am an Early Learning Specialist at an Education Service Center serving 37 school districts. I work a TON of hours supporting our schools. I spend a lot of time these days encouraging educators to indulge themselves in self-care, exercise, and practice strategies such as mindfulness, gratitudes, and affirmations.

I am currently overcoming some personal health obstacles which motivate me to set small attainable goals. During a Cowtown Marathon I had this strange pressure/pain starting at mile 16. I through the last 6 miles with lots of unplanned walk breaks. Then I joined my adventurous friends at Ragnar and more strange health problems began! I called my doctor from the backseat of the van and made an appointment. (Plus PR’d 2 of my Ragnar legs). Turns out I had a large tumor growing in my spinal cord that was trying to paralyze me! I had emergency surgery. I began the slow and long road to recovery. Ran my first 1/2 marathon 5 months after surgery. For those efforts I was awarded the “Come Back Kid” from my local runners club (WFAR).

Shortly after I began losing my hearing and began getting dizzy. I couldn’t do yoga and running and cycling scared me. I had another rare disease in my ear and had another set back surgery. This time I got a new ear drum and new titanium ear bones. I’m officially a Bionic-Woman!

I’m officially medically cleared for ALL activities. Which means come back time! In an effort to promote self-care among colleagues, my employer has been challenged to compete against other educational service centers and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to begin couch to 5 K with a group of work friends. This is a win win. I can lead the group and motivate the group to meet our goal of participating in the event and in return this will motivate me too.

During recovery from ear surgery, I became depressed and then Covid hit! (Enter the struggle to even get out of bed). After a ton of self-help, encouragement from friends, a girls road trip, AND help from a doctor, I have found a balance!

Now it’s time to do what l love! Group runs, group rides, hit the trails (now that the rattle snakes are being seen less), and begin a couch to 5K at work.

These may seem like small steps, but they are large leaps for me. It’s still not easy to just jump out of bed and declare it a good day. But that’s what I do. Every day is a good day. It’s a choice to pick myself up, slap a smile on my face, be thankful for my many many blessings and move towards my goals.

My goals are to meet with the WFRC 1 night a week and Sunday mornings. I will begin promoting Cowtown at work and set up a couch to 5K and yoga immediately following work. I truly believe that TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

I’ll close with this, “make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!”